Dead words

Hey guys — sorry this is a bit late, but my schedule on Tuesday/Wednesdays means I have little time to do anything other than be in class and teach.  ANYWAY, here’s the site/archive I discuss in the video: Deadword.


One thought on “Dead words

  1. Your post is super helpful; I really like your use of deadword as a model for thinking through Gitelman’s ideas about history/historicity.

    I was just wondering one thing: Is the canon an archive? (I guess that was probably the question you were expecting…), and do you think the archive and the canon are mutually exclusive? Where/how do texts once relegated to the -dead- archive but then resuscitated into The Canon (I’m thinking about women writers, esp. here) exist? Or maybe a text’s “archive-ness” (and the archive itself?) changes in relation to its closeness or incorporation into the canon.

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